Monday, December 10, 2012

achievement unlock~!

Assalamualaikum semua~

today i really happy.. but why..??

i got achievement unlock dude~
What kind achievement. Well, my sweet printer, MP198 getting worse lately.. check it out..
See the different?

my lovely printer's problem

See..? oh no.. holidays will be finish soon.. I must do something fast. And so yesterday I try my best to fix it out. And the result is..TADAAA~!

I made it~!!
After I try several time, I got a perfect result. Alhamdulillah.. I’m sure that people want to know how and what the problem is..

Firstly, I try to refer Abah’s opinion.
Abah :  it is a cartridge problem. Same like our MP258. The solution is just buying a new one.
Me : how much for once?
Abah : around RM 60 – RM 80 each. Plus they don’t sale partly. Which mean you must the colour and black cartridge. And it became RM 160.
Me : hundred and sixty? (Ops, no money in my pocket..hehe)
Abah: Yup, but just imagine, Along fix it must spend RM 160 while buying a new one around RM220. Is that worth?
Me : Yeah, Abah is right. But I possibly not replace my MP198. And of course not spend my money for that RM 180 much.

 Solution :~
i try my best By using the soft and white quality facial tissue to clean my under cartridge. and I just made it! Alhamdulillah. Safe my RM 160.. hehe..

totally soft and white quality tissue from Servay : D
After watching HArimau Malaya (love you Harimau Malaya~!) vs Thailand, I just try my luck if I also can fix our MP258. The problem is not same.
“ Cyan turns blue purple, magenta turns pink and yellow turns orange “

not a perfect colour  :(

Solution :~
I just hit ‘Y’ button at MP258 body for many time and the result are..... 

perfectly fantastic~! <3
That all folks~  : d

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